LET US #RebuildKogi NOW.

A former US Secretary of State, John Kerry said I’m a person who has always believed that you tell people the truth, and they’ll make reasonable decisions. Truth is powerful.

The forgoing quote underscores the fundamental ideology driving my ambition 
to be governor of Kogi State at this point in our history as a people bound 
together by a common destiny.

There are two basic truths which every true son and daughter of Kogi state 
from around the globe must acknowledge:

Kogi State is broken; and Someone must come to the rescue.

Notwithstanding the traditions of leadership by rhetoric and grandstanding 
which have been institutionalized in the place of real leadership and 
accountable governance in Kogi state, it is glaring to close watchers; 
irrespective of political, religious and tribal divides that unless 
decisive steps are taken to retrieve our patrimony and redirect it towards 
the people for whom it is meant, Kogi may be openly categorized as a failed 
state in Nigeria.

What then can be done to reverse this trend?

Kogi State is unarguably the third highest revenue earner in the North 
Central zone after the FCT and Niger State. It is therefore sufficient 
cause for worry that given this fact and our unique position in terms of 
geographic placement, as a state we have been unable to mobilize human and 
natural resources towards taking a place of pride in the comity of viable 
Nigerian states.

From education to health. From tourism to industrialization. From education 
to investments in critical infrastructure. We are not a force to reckon 
with. We have a tremendous expanse of arable land but have due to a failure 
in leadership allowed Indians set a narrative for the advancement of that 

My name is Mohammed Shaibu – Tettes. I come with an excess baggage of 
competence, capacity, integrity and vast contacts which can be exploited to 
make big things happen in Kogi State.

My team and I have worked round the clock and are still doing so to ensure 
that we present to Kogi people a clear choice between advancement and 

Today, not only have we conceptualized a workable blueprint for the 
advancement of Kogi State, we have seamlessly created a pool of funds in 
excess of $50M or N16B ready on standby to be deployed towards executing a 
“Next Generation Social Security and Investment” range of initiatives which 
will have a multiplier effect in every household in Kogi State with more 
impacts on the youth population of our state.

We have developed realistic models of investments to trigger an economic 
boom in Lokoja which will make it a befitting state capital just as 
priority projects have been identified in every nook and cranny of Kogi 
State which will receive priority attention.

On a ward-by-ward basis, N30M will be disbursed and entrusted into the 
custody of traditional rulers and town unions as a way of saying “take your 
destiny into your hands”. Devoid of any political influence, they will 
decide for themselves what to do with the money because in reality Kogi 
money is meant for Kogi people.

There’s so much to be done in Kogi state and only the best hands are good 


Project #RebuildKogi is driven by my passion to redefine leadership and 
leave a strong and lasting legacy for generations unborn.

Now is the time for us to work together as partners and ensure we

RebuildKogi today.

Kogi is broken but I, Mohammed Shaibu – Tettes will fix it.

Mohammed Shaibu – Tettes.

© 2018.

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