Dear Stakeholder, 
We are immensely grateful to you for deciding to take your support to the #RebuildKogi initiative to another level by making a cash donation to our team.

There is a major leadership gap in Nigeria and most voters believe that once they support a candidate to win an election, more often than not, the candidates become inaccessible and beyond control.
Some Nigerians also believe that once some candidates win elections, they stop being accountable to voters.

Whereas some of these exceptions are correct, research have shown that a major reason why they occur is because of an absence of “joint ownership” in the entire processes which led to the emergence of the candidate as winner of the election.

In one of our campaign statements, we committed to change the narratives of politics in Kogi State and expand the political space and participation process as means of giving even more of our people moral impetus to hold us responsible for our actions and inactions while in office.
It is in view of this that it was considered crucial to open up one of the most sensitive aspects of our processes to the public.

We have therefore gone live with the first crowd funding initiative in Kogi State, the North Central Zone and indeed the entire northern Nigeria.
Not only have we chosen to be transparent, we have equally chosen to give members of the public a right to be equal stakeholders in our processes by adopting a system which allows even the INEC to monitor and keep records of how we are raising and allocating resources. 

To this end, we notify the public that the Mohammed Adah Shaibu Tettes Integrated Campaign Group shall receive cash donations from such ividuals, groups and organizations who intend to support any aspect of the #RebuildKogi initiative.

Donations should only be routed via the method provided below after which donors are also required to contact us via any of our media channels.
While assuring the public of our highest regards at all times, we restate our total commitment to #RebuildKogi and return the pride and glory of our people and state. 
Thank You.

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