For reforms in public service and specifically, public institutions to be sustainable, they must comprise of a vision, planning and timely actions.

In the absence of these core variables, no sort of reforms will pass the critical test of time.

It has always been my view that deliberate efforts must be made to make our public institutions effective so they can at least serve tax payers with the level of efficiency obtained in organized private sector.

This is because the efficiency and effectiveness of services rendered by especially revenue generating is the only factor that motivates users to pay for services consumed.

Within the Nigerian context, the entire service delivery value chain of many public institutions are riddled with a lot of lags and systems failure.

Perhaps the most conspicuous is the electricity distribution companies.

Beyond power, there are crucial social security institutions that are currently not living up to full expectations notwithstanding that if rejuvenated, they can constitute a brand new network of values to Nigerians.

The pensions, insurance and export regulation and management departments readily come to mind.

As overlooked as these critical assets are to Nigeria, I believe that vision, planning and timely actions are all that is required to make Nigerians see the goldmine that they are.

In the coming weeks, a discussion will open and focus on setting a new agenda for the reforms of public institutions to enhance their viability and usefulness to Nigeria and Nigerians.

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