The governorship primaries in Kogi State is a matter of weeks away.

More and more people are getting interested.

The high point of the process so far is that the internal cleansing protocol of the party has separated the various candidates according to where they may best fit in.

In the midst of these, Mohammed Shaibu TETTES is still standing tall and strong.

To put things in proper perspective, it may be worthwhile to know if this boardroom guru turned progressive politician can be TRUSTED?

Yes, TETTES can be trusted not because of his rich background in the private sector, but because no candidate of the PDP in the last round of voting – House of Assembly, National Assembly and Presidential elections lost in Egume the home town of TETTES. Talking of #TettesMagic.

Beyond trust, many have asked if TETTES is SINCERE.

Yes – He is sincere and to a fault also. Perhaps, it is worth mentioning that his sincerity made Him the first aspirant in the 28 year history of the existence of Kogi state that is warming up for primaries with a comprehensive manifesto and policy paper which explicitly states what He will do for Kogi State and Kogi people as their governor. Indeed, Mohammed Shaibu TETTES has compelled His rivals to produce their own manifesto making Kogi state a battlefield of ideas.

Now, will there be RESULTS?

Absolutely. Mohammed Shaibu TETTES spent 30 years in a multinational company where he retired as an executive management staff.

He is used to results because His background forbids failure and excuses.

Kogi people have had enough promissory notes.

TETTES is the answer and will translate promises to results.

Dear PDP delegates, the future is in your hands.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man – TETTES.


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