Everyone Deserves a Good Life

It is hard not to recognise that Kogi State requires a real life presence in the North Central beyond mere expression. I therefore in exchange for numerous growth and development opportunities for Kogi people plan to emerge governor so I can set standards and raise the bar in managing the key instruments of statescraft. This is of crucial essence to me as a qualified and agitated son of the state that is desirous of delivering intervention that will serve as a means of opening up Kogi state to the positive benefits of being in a strategic location – the kind we occupy on Nigeria’s map as gateway linking the South South, South East and South West to the FCT.

The ideals of some of our profound Nigerians leaders of Kogi extractions namely His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Ibrahim Idris, His Excellency, Captain Idris Wada, The Late Dr Stephen Achema, the Late Aro of Mopa, Sunday Awoniyi and His Excellency the Late Dr. Abubakar Audu as well as the founding members of the State, including the distinguished persons of Senator Dr. Ahmadu Ali, Senator Dr. Tunde Ogbeha, Dr A.T. Ahmed, General Saliu Ibrahim, Dr John Lawani all of whom I deeply honour firmly support a united Kogi devoid of inequity, unfairness, and injustice. I am therefore an advocate of a Kogi state, one of inter-ethnic and religious integration, true brotherhood and inclusive development.

Consequently, I think it is time to start a new dialogue to determine the place of Kogi people in today’s Kogi.

We cannot accept to play inferior nor can we hold on for longer, as before, the shorter end of the stick of nationhood. Our uniqueness demand that we commence without delay the process of renewing our stakes in Nigeria as means of guarantying the future we plan to bequeath to the next generation.

Development is relative but we must admit that our dear state is backward in terms of real development and provision of welfare to the citizenry. Overtime, we have asked for good roads, industrialization, jobs, empowerment, safer eco-system and education. Regrettably, these demands within the present political configuration haven’t received any attention. A major consequence of this is that Kogi State is degenerating. There is absolutely no reason for this and I believe a better deal can be negotiated.

I have reflected on the contributions of Kogi State to the unity of Nigeria and can safely conclude that we have suffered avoidable incidences of severe discomfort within the Nigerian setting. This has caused our commonwealth to suffer but I strongly believe that by becoming governor of the state, a new system of participation, benefits and advantages can be worked out from where Kogi people will draw.

I desire to assist in facilitating a pan – Kogi political and cultural dialogue which will put an immediate end to the most pressing challenges we face as a people because beyond everything else, our people need inspiration and hope.

There is an urgent need for a leadership that will serve the interest of all, a leadership that can harness the positive elements of our ethnicity and diversity for the greater benefits of the state.

Now is the time and in fact the time is now for a pragmatic leadership that transcends the ordinary business of being in politics.


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