Kogi State is blessed with large expanses of arable land. It is therefore safe to say that in terms of agriculture, water resources and food production, we can be self-sufficient if we properly harness our potentials. Agriculture can be repositioned to yield benefits to our economy.

The general aim of my agriculture policy is to develop alternative sources of revenue in view of declining crude oil prices.

Beyond being an alternative to oil resources, this initiative will create massive employment for youth, graduates and women, generate income for the state and further reform the civil service since workers who are under employed in various ministries may be redeployed to work in the farm settlements, processing plants, marketing boards and distribution out stations.

Alongside food security and IGR, this initiative will take 15,000 Kogi people especially youth and women off the job market.

It will also improve the living standards of subsistent farmers who will be encouraged to plant, harvest and sell their products at controlled cost to processing plants for processing and selling.


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