PRESS STATEMENT : The Liberation of Kogi State is Not Negotiable.

The Mohammed Adah Shaibu Tettes Integrated Campaign Group acknowledges the outcome of the collation of votes exercise in Rivers State, South South Nigeria which ended yesterday with the declaration of His Excellency, Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike as winner and duly elected for another tenure of 4 years.

In this vein, we heartily congratulate Him and other PDP governors, senators, members of the House of Representatives as well as House of Assembly members across the zones of Nigeria on their well deserved victory.

The just concluded 2019 general elections threw up several issues; many of which relate to the capacity of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct credible elections.

It also exposed what Nigerians and foreign observers saw to be the partiality of some security agencies as well as their meddlesomeness in a clearly civil procedure.

Notwithstanding these lapses which question the integrity of the process especially in states like Kano, Osun, Nasarawa and Plateau states, we affirm that Nigerians did not relent as more than ever, they resolved to put an end to bad leadership via the ballot.

We congratulate the biggest winners who without contention are the people of Nigeria who have shown total commitment to changing their destinies by voting massively for the PDP.

The governorship elections in Kogi State is next on the schedule of polls in Nigeria and the Mohammed Adah Shaibu Tettes Integrated Campaign Group will not relent in its mission to #RebuildKogi.

We therefore charge Kogites to remain sensitive and stay fixated on the real issues which will define voting and not empty tantrums from individuals and groups with no defined solution path.

Jobs, an empowered civil service, access to healthcare, tourism, education, trade and investments, agriculture, internal security, infrastructure development amongst others are the crux of the matters that will decide the coming elections.

We remind Kogites on the need to totally reject any party and individual without practical plans to solve the most pressing challenges of our people starting from the incumbent government

We remind the people of Kogi State that we all owe the next generation an obligation to reject any government that cannot pay wages, boost tourism, support the girl child, secure local communities and place sustainable empowerment and wealth directly in the hands of youth and women.

We equally remind the good people of Kogi State that never in the history of our state have our collective values been debased as now; a situation that has reduced our civil service to a negative example in public administration.

Being a core civil service state, how our workers are perceived is a reflection of how respected our people are in Nigeria. We must therefore change this narrative and treat our civil servants as the inestimable assets which they are.

We aver that Kogi people have held on to the shorter end of the bargain for too long and to the detriment of the next generation; a total liberation is therefore non negotiable.

We charge our people to ignore the despotic tendencies of the current government and urge them to look forward to a transition program that will signal the beginning of a new era of hope, prosperity, progress and unity in Kogi State.

Salamatu Oyiza Abdulkareem
Head, Media & Strategy.
The Mohammed Adah Shaibu Integrated Campaign Group.

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