PRESS STATEMENT : Ramadan; a call to prayer, soul searching and reconciliation with God.

The ramadan is a period of soul searching and spiritual reflection. Beyond these, it’s a period when mankind should through prayers and study of the holy Qur’an reconnect to the almighty Allah and seek His will in our diverse endeavours.

I and members of my family hereby wish the Kogi State Umma a significant 2019 Ramadan.

We must jointly take this unique opportunity to present our dear state before the Almighty Allah and seek His guidance in our affairs.

So far, the counsel of men have failed – we must therefore fully turn to God and seek His face through fasting and reconciliation in this period.

The challenges we face as a people in Kogi State may have defied solutions but sincere prayers coming at a time when the gates of heaven are open can redirect our paths.

Abstinence from wrongdoing, perseverance, spiritual reflections and piety are some of the lessons of Ramadan are also critical. We must learn and imbibe them with courage.

The future of our dear state is in our hands.

As equal stakeholders, we have a duty to #RebuildKogi now as a result of which we must rededicate ourselves to returning one another and Kogi State to the firm path of economic recovery, progress and advancement.

May the almighty Allah bless Kogi State.

-Mohammed Adah Shaibu Tettes; PGd, MBA, MPhil, FNimn.
Frontline Kogi State PDP Governorship Aspirant.

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